Author: Kevin Perez

May 27, 2022


Be Determined I am such an animation buff.  I love movies like Shrek, Angry Birds and trust me I can go on.  One of my all-time favourites is Zootopia, (you must watch) a story about a little bunny who wanted to break out of the norm (carrot harvesting) and become a police officer which is totally unheard…

May 27, 2022


Where’s the party? Where’s the party? There isn’t any apparently, well throw one!  Throw a party just because?  The answer is yes!  In entrepreneurship you must at least celebrate something at some point in time.  You can’t or rather you shouldn’t spend all your days just working and all the revenue generated on products and things for the business.  That’s…

May 27, 2022

Being Accountable

Accountability Accountability.  Taking responsibility for your own actions.  This is a foundational tool in entrepreneurship.  You have to be willing to step up and own up when that time comes around.  Recognising when the customer’s experience was your fault and not try to pass the blame on your staff, or the customer.  Knowing when you missed an opportunity and the…

May 27, 2022

Make wise use of your time

Tempore Sapienter Utere The mantra for my Alma Mata is ‘Tempore Sapienter Utere’ when translated means Make Wise Use of Your Time and in this season where Covid-19 has us on time restrictions (curfew) it definitely has become more relevant. As business owners it often seems as if there is never enough time in the day….

May 27, 2022


Periods of transitioning and it can be really difficult. In every business there are periods of transitioning and it can be really difficult.  There are those times when you realise that what worked for the business before just is not working anymore and changes need to be made.  Then sometimes things are going well but you have…

May 27, 2022


Already? I just started and I am so fed up! Already? I just started and I am so fed up!  The good news is that it will pass, bad news is, it will happen again.  Becoming frustrated is a part of entrepreneurship or rather life.  We all come to this place where we become annoyed with obstacles, delays…

May 27, 2022

The Little Things

The Little Things It’s the little things in life that make the big difference and so it is in entrepreneurship.  The seemingly insignificant and unimportant can make a big impact.  What am I talking about? Little things of course.  I remember my first cheque written in my business name.  Unimportant to some, an everyday occurrence to others, to me…

May 19, 2022


We Are officially Back! we have brand new look but the same quality products.  Plus a few ones (wink) Naara is so excited to share this part of the journey with you and look forward to serving you at a greater level.  Come and shop, be a part of the Naara Family, we have so…